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Holiday Gift

Some gifts stay in my memory. Some are gone and since they are I cannot report. Some stay and I wish they’d go, but that’s a tale for a different day.

Today’s tale is about a gift that excites and baffles. Excites because I am a writer. The hubs unexpectedly gave me a journal; a leather bound, unlined, pewter hinged journal with magical etchings and a mysterious stone planted front and center.

Other oddities of note: it’s origin … it’s from Amazon! Yes! I knew it was coming since we share an account. However, there are no hints of mass production. No markings. No “made in China” or anywhere else for that matter.

I love it!

This is not my daily report or diary. This one will not track my quarantine days. BTW: 320.

This one is truly magical. If I see a ghost, I might sketch her. If a verse should hit my soul, I might copy it. If an Otter should waddle out of my swamp, I might interview him.


I knew you’d like it!

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