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My Coming Out


Please understand Mr. Covid and I have been avoiding each other like the plague. Sorry.

To emphasize by the way of a review of my 2020. Isolation. Mr. Amazon feed us. We were Fortunate enough (yet another pun) to afford him. Mr. USPS allowed us to rent a huge box and I drove into his backyard once a week, popped the trunk and a lovely postal employee (no names, here, I love them all) came out and placed our mail in the back. No doctor appointments, no hair cuts, no nails jobs, no visits, no entertaining.

Ahhhh. No hugs.

In other words, what most of us did or didn’t.

Now, slowly I am emerging.

I got my shots! I went to my first doctor’s appointment. The mask thing is difficult, not impossible. Picked up an order from the grocery store and one from my favorite chef. Plans have been made for the grand daughter hugs in the near future. There are questions: may we hug maskless? Will we need to stay outside? May I pay their tuition to Harvard? They are ages five and three and nearly ready.

Although, Mr. Amazon has most of my money.

My writing productivity has increased for a few different reasons. One I’ll mention here. I’ve reduced my media time allowance. Less Stress. Trying to stay safe and smile a bit.


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