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Gray Lace, Part 30

Trevor, Catherine, Joann, and Ross managed to “jump a train” from their lumber camp and Killer Chicken to Charleston. However, they are not alone in their freight car.

As the train rattled over the rails, Trevor struggled to sit up and surveyed his newest surroundings. Besides the Garretts, the lovely Catherine, and large pieces of logging equipment and supplies, there was the particular odor of human occupation. He found the source from the accompanying groan.

“What in God’s name is this, a convention?” An untidy speckled beard grinned up through several layers of heavy wool, “First Class full?”

The man sat up and swiveled around to face them, “Please allow me to introduce myself. I am known as Jacob Newsome, recently of Richmond, Virginia. Although, I did enjoy a bit of a stay in Plainville, North Carolina,” he bowed his head to the group. “Now, Ladies, due to a lack of proper circumstances, I need to direct your attention away from the door while I attend to nature.”

Joann and Catherine turned around and pretended to study a box of supplies, although laughter could be heard. Newsome continued his introduction while he relieved himself through the open door. “Gentlemen, I’ll share histories, ancestries, and maybe food. I hope you’ll do the same. I’m the unfortunate second son of nobody with a questionable background, but I have acquired some means of livelihood through diversifying my economies, and oh, I’m wanted by the law.” He finished his task, restored his clothing, and turned when the ladies did.

Ross stared at him, but he sat down on a locked metal box without pointing his gun. Trevor maintained his friendly grin and braced himself against a large piece of equipment which reminded him of huge dinner tongs. Catherine came to his side, entwined her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. Joann sat on the floor with her back to her husband’s knees. Trevor protectively hugged Catherine and thought this character would prove interesting and he prayed he would be helpful.

Most prayers are answered, just not our expectations.

Egad! and Enough! Until Later.

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