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Author Notes

January, yes. Start over? No. Waiting? Always. Hopeful wishes for 2022? Of course.

I am still creating draft #2 of my historical novel, Countess of Change (working title, I might use it). Currently at 29,500 words, draft #1 is approximately 60,000. I have noticed that my characters demand more: description, action, and creatively inserted backstory. Good Grief. I thought I was the boss.

I set a goal every morning of at least 500 words and sometimes, I pleasantly surprise myself with more.

My revised Gray Lace novel should return from her editor soon. Checking email twice a day. Hence the dreaded waiting. Once here, I’ll need to make major decisions. Mainly, will I accept all, some, or none of the expected changes. Pun intended. My Countess in the aforementioned work will be chuckling. You might as well.

When next we communicate, I plan to restart my Gray Lace installments. Part 31? Where Catherine is headed to her Charleston riding in a freight car with friends Joann, Ross, Lord Trevor Coffman, and new arrival, Jacob Newsome.

A final word about hopeful wishes … agents. I hope to begin what I’ve read is an arduous task of query writing.

Egad and Enough!

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