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Gray Lace, Part 35

First, an author’s note: The spring season has caught up with my swamp. The alligators are numerous and the Mayflies are confused. The length of the lawn-grass worries my favorite gardener and our lake is often angry when the sea winds arrive from the Atlantic not far away. Still, I enjoy reading and writing on our pier as the birds complain that I’m interrupting their mating season, but the fish are on the bed so the stink is amazing. My WIP Draft #2 is complete and today is a break from 1908 Irish Gun Running. Today, I’ll “publish” the ending to Chapter Six of my Gray Lace, a 1908 mystery set in this swamp.

Gary Lace, page 65.

Jacob Newsome compliments Joann Garrett’s positivity and our group sets out on their Charleston adventure.

“Your attitude will get us far, Mrs. Garrett,” Jacob started a low hum of a lively tune before turning east toward the harbor. “Let’s go, my new friends. There’s a friendly retreat not far from here with warm breakfast made just for us.”

Ross Garrett mumbled, “In your dreams”

“Mr. Garrett, take a lesson from your pretty wife. If positive thoughts take seed, the plant grows.”

Ross stopped his forward march. When his friends realized he hadn’t kept up, they turned to face him with frowning facial questions.

“There’s something you should all know before any more danger and troubles head our way.”

“In the rain!” Trevor Coffman had his arm on his hip and his other arm lifted his rifle to his shoulder but pointed it to the soggy heavens. “Are you Americans still fighting that old war? It’s over!”

“Not for everyone,” mumbled Ross, “especially here.”

“Oh, good grief, shall we get out of the rain, feed our hunger, and make a plan? We need a successful campaign.” Trevor stared forward once again.

Catherine Randolf laughed and caught up with Trevor. Over her shoulder she told the Garretts, “He’s a bit wordy, but he’s right.” She faced forward and urged Jacob, “Lead on, Mr. Newsome.”


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