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Gray Lace, Part 54

Egad! Chapter 10

Trevor and Jacob celebrate their successful re-swindle of Pettigrew’s very important papers. They have managed to steal back Catherine’s proof of her inherited trust fund. Now, they anticipate an appreciative reunion with her and her friends.

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Only a few blocks separated The First Bank of Charleston and Jacob’s house of worship, but there was enough distance to hold two conversations at once. Trevor’s and Jacob’s walking speed had them flying past new high-end women’s dress shops, the newest department store, government offices, and several businesses dealing with the cotton textiles and of course, the tobacco industry. None of these caught their interest.

Trevor carried proof of Catherine’s trust fund in his breast pocket, the one pocket closest to his heart. He imagined her smile and hugs of appreciation. He brought out the memories of the few shared kisses that had been enjoyed far too long ago in their swamp. Holding her had felt good and right. Her mouth …

“The look on your face when I disappeared down that ally was enough incentive to pay those lads out of my own pocket,” Jacob hit his friend’s arm. “You owe me, by the way, but no worries. I’ll start a tab.” He quickly placed his arm around Trevor’s shoulders and just as quickly removed it. “Ah, that worked, my plan, it worked, and that, my friend, feels good.”

Trevor acknowledged his friend with a nod and sent his smile into the afternoon sunshine. “It will feel good, yes, it will,” he lightly skipped over a recent animal deposit as they crossed the congested street. “Do you think she’ll get her money?” He yelled over his shoulder to the trailing Jacob.

“Money? Yeah, I paid those fellows,” Jacob caught up with Trevor on the sidewalk and they headed north at a brisked pace. “Those fellows sure appreciated the surprise, yet brief employment. Didn’t they do a good job? They sounded angry but still remembered Pettigrew’s name and,” he nearly hopped in his pleasurable recounting of the events, “and they remembered when to exit. They picked up their cue when I appeared. I loved it.”

“Appearance, yes, we need to appear as if we weren’t successful. You know, just at first,” Trevor slammed his fist into his other hand in his excitement. “We’ll trick Catherine into thinking we failed, and then I’ll pull out these papers and hand them to her.” They cut through a cemetery crowded with ancient tombs and he hastily slid his hand along the top of one stone that read, ‘Live Riotously, and Rest in Peace’. “Yeah, she’ll be in a riot, all right.” He grinned at the memory of her lips on his neck.

Trevor heard the unexpected smack and nearly felt Jacob’s pain. The air had been forced from his friend’s lungs, dirt and mud covered his face and clothes, and his screamed, “Oh, God!” Trevor quickly got down on all fours and stared down into a newly dug six-foot deep grave. He gave thanks to his Lord above them both, as he watched his friend open his eyes and gasp for air and to finally focus. “Are you all right, my good man?” Trevor lay prone and stretched down his arm into the hole, trying to help Jacob out, as they tried to make the grave empty once again. Several tugs and grunts later had both men grabbing their sides in laughter and they sat on the dark mound of dirt.

“Can we be arrested for drunkedness without having had a drink?”

“I doubt it, but we might be arrested for actions against nature,” Trevor pulled several strands Spanish moss off of Jacob’s head and shoulders. “This stuff, what did Catherine call it? Oh, gray lace. Draped over you makes you look like a somewhat beautiful woman.”

Their laughter echoed off the tombstones. Helping one another to stand took enough effort to force a realization. They needed Ross. “We should go get him. We need to move out of the hotel anyway,” Trevor led the way to the ornately designed cemetery gate, but abruptly stopped and asked, “Wait, can’t we check on Catherine first?”

Jacob slumped his shoulders and forced his hands into his pockets. “Best not to. Today’s Thursday,” he mumbled.

“Excuse me?” Trevor titled his head to one side. “Where are they anyway.”

Enough! (until later)

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